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Integrative Approaches to Breast Cancer Treatment

Those searching for alternatives to mainstream treatment options may find some “pearls” of information in this recently published guide from Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAC. As with any information you review, keep in mind that not everything offered is exact to your specific need. You should take from it what you will and be sure to do additional research before implementing any approach to your own individual health needs.

Dr. Eliaz is a proponent of thermography and other holistic approaches to cancer treatment. He provides his honest take on the treatments offered from supplements to biopsies. As with most published works today, the doctor has not only provided this information on his own research, but he also offers a supplement for support at the end of the writing. I am not endorsing or advertising this product, only the written research, as it covers many questions that women have today when it comes to treatment options. Hoping you find this information valuable but remember to do your own research as well – always educating for your own empowerment!

In the event that this link no longer exists, please refer to the doctor’s site directly for possible archives at

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