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"Nobody ever told me why I hurt there before in my left breast. Thank you for knowledgeably explaining that the concern I had was just an area of tissue in my breast that provides a hormonal warning to me before my cycle and is not the development of breast cancer. I feel so much more at ease and a lot less fearful knowing I am ok."

                                                                                           June B.

                                                                                                          April 2024


Ultrasound with Insight Holistic Imaging is offered as an elective screening that does not require a referral from a doctor to obtain. Insight offers both breast and thyroid screenings via ultrasound technology on an elective (non-diagnostic) basis.  This screening is ideal as an adjunct to annual thermography screening and is a recommended method of screening for structure (tissue) for the breast specific.  Our certified and skilled sonographer has extensive experience in ultrasound imaging and all results are provided from a radiologist directly to you via written report. 


Health history intake is collected by a detailed conversation with the sonographer before the screening is conducted.  Both breasts will be thoroughly imaged, and the entire screening may take approximately 60 minutes.  Elective breast sonography is recommended for those with no breast health history at least every 5 years in conjunction with annual thermography. Ideally recommended more often for those with a health history or breast concern in general.


As an adjunct to overall health, a thyroid screening can shed light on the thyroid area with concern for any nodules or imbalances seen. When used in conjunction with thermography, more detailed noninvasive monitoring of concerns can be done for added peace of mind. Screening takes approximately 30 minutes.

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