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BIO-STAT CBD for Breast Health is an exclusive proprietary product that has been shown and reported (during clinical trials) to be effective in the relief of pain and inflammation caused by a cystic/fibrocystic breast condition or nerve damage sustained from injury/surgery to the breast. It allows for measured degrees of intensity and strength that you determine based on your need for relief. 

The professionally lab-formulated lotion utilizes a high potency, medical grade, full spectrum CBD in an organic lotion base that is lightly scented with organic therapeutic essential oils that make using the product a pleasant experience. The built-in dispensing applicator allows for the most accurate, consistent metered-dosage based on the personalized level of support you need.  Along with the pleasant light scent of the lotion, the convenient packaging design allows for unique direct-to-breast application that makes using this product an experience like no other product for the breast on the market today. 

Testimonial from Judy S. April 21,2023
"The BIO-Stat breast cream has an amazing smell.  You will love it  and not only that, but it does what it says and relieves the pain and inflammation. I think it helped me sleep better also.  You will want to slather yourself in it, however a little of it goes a long way.  No need to use a lot of this cream for it to work.
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1500mg Strength Full Spectrum CBD
30ml Applicator Bottle

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