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Ultrasound Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my healthcare provider in order to have an ultrasound screening?

No, this is an elective out of pocket screening, so no referral is needed. You may use your HRA or FSA account for payment.

Do I need to have a thermography screening before I can have an elective ultrasound?

Ideally, this elective screening is offered as an adjunct to thermography and some imaging history is appreciated before booking an appointment. The screening offered is NOT diagnostic. If you have been given a referral for an ultrasound and you are unable to be screened by a facility that will accept your insurance, you are encouraged to bring the referral with you at the time of the appointment.  If you have not been seen for thermography in the past and you are booking because you have an immediate health concern, this may not be the screening for you.  You are highly encouraged to contact Insight Holistic to discuss prior to booking.

Why would I pay out of pocket for this screening when I have primary insurance coverage?

Many gals encounter the obstacle of needing to have had a current mammogram (within 12 months) or a medical concern of note before their doctor (or insurance provider) will deem that an ultrasound is necessary.  Insight Holistic believes you should have a choice in your own healthcare and thus offers this elective ultrasound as an out of pocket (or FSA/HRA covered) screening for your own benefit and on your terms.  The caveat to elective ultrasound is that it takes a back seat to diagnostic referrals and may take a few weeks to get written results from your screening. 

I have had ultrasound in the past and the technician did not indicate what was viewed in the area being screened.  Does your technician talk to me about what is being imaged?

You bet! No one should leave a screening without knowing what is being imaged and what will be reported on by radiology.  Our technician is professional, frank, and honest in helping you to understand very clearly what is being seen during the screening. It is our goal that you leave this screening with a detailed education on your health that will empower you to make decisions on your behalf taking the fear out of waiting on results.

How does this imaging work and how long will it take?

A sound transducer will be topically rolled over the area to be imaged, so disrobing that area is a must for this imaging.  There should be no difficult compression and no radiation at all for this screening. Thyroid screening takes approximately 30 minutes, and both breasts take about 60 minutes depending on the area to be screened and the complexity of the imaging seen. 

What Does It Mean that You Service "Mobile Clinic Locations?

The camera system used in screening is capable of traveling from location to location.  While it is that you may be seen in a specific clinic location according to the appointment you book, the clinic itself is not a part of Insight Holistic Imaging. We bring the service to that location on the set screening day only and vacate afterward.  As such, your appointment is with Insight Holistic Imaging and not the clinic where you will be screened in. Any questions, changes, or cancellations should be made directly by contacting Insight Holistic Imaging and not the clinic location itself.

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