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Thermography Frequently Asked Questions

I have had thermography screening done through another location. Do I need to reset a 2-part baseline again to be screening by Insight?

If you were screened by a Meditherm camera system in the past or have had a screening in the past with Rhonda, your report history is intact with the EMI interpretation service. Upon your first screening with Insight, your imaging will be hooked up with your previous baseline history. So there is no need to reset a baseline and you are free to book as an "annual screener" when setting your appointment. If you were screened by a different camera system, you will start new with Insight and it will be necessary to repeat your imaging short term to establish your baseline with the Meditherm camera system.

Are there special preparation instructions for this screening?

Yes, they will be sent with your auto email confirmation immediately after you book and again 3 days prior to your appointment. If you do not get a confirmation and you believe you have booked correctly, please call to confirm.

Do I need to disrobe for this screening?

The camera system is reading heat from the surface of the skin, so it will be necessary to undress in the areas being imaged. However, the entire process is done very discreetly and should create no discomfort to you.

Will my primary insurance cover this screening?

A fully coded superbill can be provided to you after full payment of your screening. All clients are responsible for checking with/submitting to their own insurance company. We do not accept or submit for insurance payments on your behalf. Primary insurances or Medicare do not typically reimburse for thermography.

Can I use my FSA or HRA card to pay for thermography?

Yes, you can use it to provide a deposit when booking and for payment balance as well. A fully coded, itemized receipt can be provided to you, if needed for confirmation of the expense.

Do I need a doctor's referral for this screening?

No, you do not. Thermography is elective at your discretion.

Who interprets the images from my screening?

Your images and history report are reported to Electronic Medical Interpretation (EMI) immediately after your screening. The images are read by actual MD's/DO's who are board certified in reading digital infrared imaging.

How long does it take to get the results?

A written report, and your images, will be available to you within 7-10 days of your screening. If you need it quicker, rush interpretation is possible at additional charge.

Once a thermography baseline is obtained, how do I set a plan that suits my need and schedule moving forward for my own personal health prevention?

The comparative baseline breast screening visit includes an extra 15 minutes for you to discuss this personalized plan with Rhonda so that all of your questions are answered and you have a positive plan for preventative screening moving forward. Recommendations will be given according to your own personal need. If you are already an annual screener and would like to have this additional consultation during your next appointment, please call 410-864-8270 to book and that extra time will be built into your appointment at no extra charge.

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