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Rhonda Keagy, thermographer
RHONDA KEAGY, Certified Clinical Thermography Level 2

Rhonda is certified through the American College of Clinical Thermography and has been a technician since 2015. An advocate for proactive health prevention, and thermography specifically, she is excited to be an integrative part of this amazing opportunity to be part of the ever-growing holistic community.


She is most passionate about caring for others through this screening service and providing education to her clients to empower them on how to be their own advocates when it comes to determining the tools necessary to ensure their best healthcare.

Rhonda is a native Marylander. She enjoys spending time with her family and good friends and she is always up for a cup of coffee and a chat!

You will be in good hands while you are professionally assessed and treated compassionately as an individual within a positive atmosphere during your screening. Rhonda seeks to be an avid partner with all of her clients as they travel through their “awake living journey” toward optimal health.

Contact Insight Holistic Imaging for Thermography Screenings in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania today!

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