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"Brush to Flush" - Lymphatic Skin Brushing

Why is Lymph Flow Important to the Body?

Lymph is the necessary fluid vehicle that aids our bodies in eliminating toxins. Toxins that build up over the course of time, specifically in the breast area include soaps, skin creams, lotions, and antiperspirants/deodorants.

What Happens if Lymph Gets Congested?

Lymph that remains stagnant in the breast area can specifically create pain, discomfort, tingling or burning sensation within the outer quadrant of the breasts and armpits. Additionally, cysts that exist within the breast can become irritated and fill with fluid causing increased pain. Left over time, the condition can create an early stage disease within the breast.

Why is Dry Brushing an Important Daily Routine?

This daily routine is an excellent way to make sure that lymph always flows as it needs to between the armpit areas and the breast. Rather than waiting until an issue occurs, getting into the routine of dry brushing now will save you from lymph related issues in the future. Dry brushing alone can eliminate the occurrence of breast cancer by 50%!

What Do I Need to Dry Brush?

A short-handled skin brush should be used. Ideally the brush should have natural bristles. You can purchase a brush through any store catering to bath and body products (Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wegmans, Whole Foods, etc.).

When Should I Dry Brush?

You can dry brush anytime during the day that your skin is dry, but to get into a daily routine, it is ideal to do so before your daily shower/bath. Place your dry brush in a place that will be easy to locate at shower/bath time so that it is visible and available for use as a reminder. Never dry brush after a shower/bath as the process may pull your skin and cause surface irritation.

How Do I Dry Brush?

Place one hand on top of your head. With the brush in the other hand proceed from the lower ribcage and glide the brush up through your armpit area and around to the center of your chest (like an upside down “J” configuration). Using approximately 10 -12 long sweeping strokes in this fashion will cause the brush to loosen lymph in its natural valve flow direction under the skin. Repeat this procedure on the other side. You will find that your skin will feel softer in the brushed areas. If you like the feeling, use the brush in other areas of the body, but always brush toward the heart. Never rub, scrub or do any other motion other than the long sweeping stroke to benefit the lymph. Your skin should not turn red or be irritated by this process. Shower or bathe as you would normally. Finish off with a cool rinse at the end to encourage good circulation.

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